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Gamescience Pound O Dice

Gamescience Pound O Dice



Pound of Dice

Non-returnable once the seal is broken.

What can be found in Pound of Dice?

The standard polyhedral shapes everyone knows like d4, d6, D8, d10, tens d10 (Deckaider™), D12 and d20.

Those are all great die shapes but the Gamescience copyright  Pound of Dice could also include: The three-sider™ - in addition to Rolling numbers up to three, by reading the tips of the die. You'll find R = Rock, P = Paper and S = Scissors. D&D will say to roll a six and divide by 2. 4 -1 is a d3. It can be used to simulate unarmed combat or combat with a small person. The five sider tm can be used for all 4 +1 weapons like magic missiles, heavy quiver crossbows, War Hammers, Horseman's flail mace, sickle, etc; or when changing planes.

The 14-sider D14 to identify the weak day on which your game starts. The D14 can also be used to roll up the deadline Day by which tasks must be finished. It can be rolled to learn the number of drops, ounces, cups, pounds, etc; of primary ingredients needed to make the cure, or elixir potions. Roll it to discover how many days the spell will endure, or how long it will take to be cured. roll it to learn how many drops, ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, etc; are needed to affect nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, heartburn, sleep, death, etc. The D14 can also function as a 7-sided dice, 11 = 1, 12 = 2, 13 = 3, 14 = 4, 8 = 5, 9 = 6, 10 = 7.

In addition possibly a d16, a b-24, a Pentaider™ (00-40), a Four Most Dice (d8 1-4 2x), Sumator™ (00-50 Twice), Original d20's numbered 0 through 9 twice or a D20 plus which is 0 through 9 twice but with a plus to signify high numbers, the Quintahedron™ (Original d5), and many more Gamescience variations.

All types of random dice made by Gamescience. Even ugly and defective dice sometimes as well. This product is just nicknamed Pound O Dice this doesn't mean it weights 1lbs. It's normally close to a pound that's how it got its name. This product is seconds, rejects and defectives. Sometimes the dice are even beyond that in these bags it's completely random from a barrel.

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