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M.E.C.H.I - TECH™ 2nd Edition TWERPS™ Campaign Book #10

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M.E.C.H.I - TECH™ 2nd Edition (GMS 10471)

M.E.C.H.I - TECH is the TWERPS™ role-playing supplement for TWERPS™ Basic Set by Niels Erickson, Norman F. Morin Jr., Brian Rayburn and Michael Scott Kurtick; Illustrated by Niels Erickson.  TWERPS™ originated by Jeff and Amanda Dee.  REINDEER GAMES™ are published by Gamescience, North Biloxi, MS.

The B.A.T.T.s (Bipedal Armored Tactical Tanks) are coming!

These monstrous walking war-machines march out onto the battlefields of tomorrow, ready fro action, danger, ... and one heckuva lot of role-playing fun! But it takes a special breed to pilot one of these babies - - the M.E.C.H.I. - TECH (Mechanized Insturmentation Technician). As one of them, you'll control a colossal combat contraption in cataclysmic clashes with canny counterparts. This set includes new rules, new playing pieces, new maps, complete adventures and additional adventure seeds. up!

This is an expansion set of the TWERPS™ Game System. TWERPS™ Basic Rules (GMS10455) are also required.

Each TWERPS™ adventure includes a Microhedra™ color varies.

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