Gamescience® Dice

Louis Zocchi started manufacturing Gamescience® dice in 1974, that's right over 45 years of Gamescience® dice and there have been a lot of happenings going on in those 45 years. Louis wants you to know that he made Gamescience® dice for the end user, he expects quality in every die and wants your gaming experience to be filled with the random rolls that Gamescience® dice promise you.

Gamescience® has been making high impact, precision edged polyhedral dice since 1974.  No competitor makes dice that are as clear, brilliant, lustrous and precision edged.  No competitor is willing to match the Gamescience 2 year guarantee against premature wear.  Gamescience pioneered the manufacturing of new dice shapes like the 3, 5, 14, 16, 24 and 100 sided dice.

There are two independent dice tests which prove that Gamescience dice are better.  The first test can be found at a Chessex and a Gamescience d20 were rolled 10,000 times to see which die would come closest to rolling 500 ones, 500 twos, etc.  

The second test can be found at which compared dice from Chessex, Koplow, Crystal Caste and Gamescience.

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