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The Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

The Fantasy Gamer's Compendium

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This fantasy gaming reference is actually 7 books in one.

The BOOK OF MYSTERY tells how to find the academy which your character attends between gaming sessions. He learns other languages, how to heal with herbs becomes a kung fu expert, and learns how to complete quests more successfully.

#2 The BOOK OF MONSTERS provides combat states and details of legendary creatures from Aztec, Eskimo and 40 other cultures. Many of these will not be found in the T.S.R. monster manual.

#3 The BOOK OF DEMONS describes 85 demons listed in the Kabala and Bible.

#4 The BOOK OF SORCERY provides 90 4 line incantations which magic users must flawlessly recite to make their magic effective. It also covers miscast spells, and many magic items.

#5 The BOOK OF SHAMANS introduces a whole new cast of characters. They can summon rain clouds, cause mana to fall from the heavens, change themselves into animals and they have 9 levels of skill through which to progress.

#6 The BOOK OF TREASURES describes treasures of legend and antiquity, like Exalibur the magic sword.

#7 The second part of this treasure book, tells of futuristic treasures, like zero gravity lifting device which players can use to haul unlimited treasure, or a stun wand, or time travel machine.

Separately, each of these books cost $5 or $8, and totaled $40+, but now its all in one work for $11.

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