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TWERPS™ BASIC Rules 2nd Edition

TWERPS™ BASIC Rules 2nd Edition

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TWERPS™ BASIC 2nd Edition (GMS 10455)

TWERPS is the Worlds Easiest Role Playing System with only 4 rules, each of which is explained as you run the fully scripted first adventure.  Each character is created with a single die roll and that die comes with the game. This simple system opens the door way to all the other complex systems. The first adventure provides 9 alternate ways the story might go, and it lets you create 8 of them.  Each title in the TWERPS™ system has 2 11X17 inch maps, and 60 characters, which can be used in different versions of the adventure. Every character has a pun for his name, pilot Cpt. Earl E. Bird, Prof. Stu Diaz, ships cook Bill O'Fare, deep sea diver Carl Reef and an octopus named Aldae Sucker. 

Each TWERPS™ adventure includes a Microhedra™ color varies.

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