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Pound of Gamescience® Dice

Pound of Gamescience® Dice

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Pound of Dice

Your Pound of Dice (which is over a pound) is designed to have dice representing the wide assortment of dice available from Gamescience Dice.  Finding a d3, d5, d14, d16 or a d24 would be very rare, however, a d100 would be extremely rare. It is our hope that you enjoy this very large assortment of dice that should total well over 100 dice costing you less than $.50/each.

 You are probably aware of the d4, d6, d8, d10, Deckaider™, d12 & d20.  What else might you find in your assortment of over a pound of dice?

Potentially a 3-Sided Die™, 5-Sided Die™, 14-Sided Die™, 16-Sided die™, 24-Sided Die™ and possibly even the Zocchihedron™.  You should definitely be able to find an original d5(d10 1-5 2X), Sumator™ a 10-sider numbered 10-20-30-40-50 twice, a Microhedra™, The Naughtyhedron™, The 8-sided “Four-Most” Die, Destiny Dice™, Demon/Orc dice, The Pentaider™ a d10 numbered 00-10-20-30-40 twice, Chess =izer™ dice,  maybe some d6 averaging dice numbered 2-3-3-4-4-5 or even a Bomb Burst d6.


To assure that every edge and vertex holds its mathematically precise dimensions, all Gamescience® dice are clipped by hand from the casting sprue, which leaves a minor blemish. These sharp pristine edges dissipate uniform amounts of energy as each contacts the table. Filing down the blemish improves randomization. Imported dice have no blemish cause they are tumbled in a rock polisher, which eliminates the blemish while rounding off all of the edges, and changes each face and edge into a unique shape which leaves every dice egg shaped and unable to randomize evenly.

5 Stars
Great dice at a great cost!
I have had the pleasure of meeting the colonel Lou Zocchi on several occasions. His dice are far superior to others made in foreign lands- BUY AMERICAN! I love inking my dice, I use a simple paint sharpie pen- Watch the youtube presentation by the Wizard Lou Zocchi- I've salt water tested all of my dice from Chessex to Diamond and Impact!- all pale in comparison to the real and true precision dice! they roll great are impartial and break fast- durable edges will last if not a lifetime- damn near. What are you waiting for?
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Reviewed by:  from Green Bay, WI- GaryCon VIII. on 3/11/2016
2 Stars
Beautiful... and useless.
The dice are truly beautiful and have a beautiful selection of colors, however, are useless to use at a table. Of an average of 160 dice, in the pound, 100 of them are d5 (d10-shaped but with double numbers, two 1, two 2, two 3, two 4 and two 5) and d50% (two 10%, two 20%, two 30%, two 40% and two 50%), a situation that is not random, since in the two bags I bought exactly get the same quantities per figure. If you want this selection to use it in your adventure, I assure you that it is not what you are looking for, I have around 3d10, 1d%, 6d6 and 4d20 (per bag), and 4 interesting dice of different figures, the rest, only garbage that shines beautiful. Better look for the coffers, they will disappoint less, without feeling that you throw their money in the trash.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 6/7/2017
4 Stars
Cool - but wish I had gotten some proper D10's & D6's!
Love the dice! Sadly almost 50 of the dice I received were d5 (1-5 x 2 - 22 dice), 3 "naughtyhedrons", and Summater & Pentader (23 dice combined), all of which are nearly useless to me. Other than in the complete Tigers Eye set (nice!) and a complete opaque white set I received no D10 or D6 at all (other than 5 averaging D6 which I never use). Hopefully the next batch (on the way) will have more D6 and D10. Regardless, a great variety of excellent dice at a good price. Heck - the white & Tigers Eye sets alone would be $29.50!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 5/12/2017
5 Stars
Great Dice!
Over 130 great quality dice most unpainted (a plus for me) I cannot wait to paint my own colors in! A few of my new favorite dice would have to be the d3/rock paper scissors dice, the d14 with days of the week added in, and the d25 (it has a satisfying look to it). will be looking into buying more later on. Easily a 5 star product.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Vancouver, WA. on 5/25/2016
5 Stars
So Exciting!
I could hardly wait until the pound of dice arrived. I got them and immediately sorted them out. I received a bunch of d20 minis, some jumbo dice, a couple of d6 orcs/skull, a days-of-the-week d16, a hot pink d16, the complete 6 polyhedra tiger's eye set, a red set, a black set, and a ton of gemstone, glitter, and opaque dice. I even got a d24! I plan on putting together a few of my own "ugly" sets and gemstone sets. I'm going to buy another couple of pounds for my birthday in a few months. This is a fun way to get a lot of gamescience dice. I'm very satisfied with my purchase!
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Reviewed by:  from Columbus, Mississippi. on 1/3/2017

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