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Polyhedral One Off Set White mix - 06262003

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Set 06262003 - White mix with unpainted numbers
Part Number: 06262003
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One Off Non-production Color Polyhedral Set

Set has one each of the d4, d6, d8, d10, DECKAIDER™ 00-90, d12, d20 and five other shapes as shown in picture.

These are dice produced at the beginning or end of runs during color changes or start-up, some shapes may have minor inclusions, such as a spec of material or vacuum void(a small bubble absent of air).
Since 1974, Gamescience® has been making dice from the highest quality plastics. Avoiding the tumbling process gives Gamescience® dice a razor edge and ensures uniformity. Each face has equal opportunity to land every time. A mold-point may be noticed on one face of the die and may require some touch up with model-grade sandpaper, we do try to catch and remove any substantial issues prior to shipping but do occasionally miss one.
Gamescience® dice are backed by a 2 year guarantee against premature wear, no other dice manufacturer offers that.

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