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Pirate's Treasure Chest (1lb of GEM dice - Factory Seconds)
The Pirate's Treasure Chest

Pirate's Treasure Chest (1lb of GEM dice - Factory Seconds)

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Pirate's Treasure

The Fellowship of the Dice have uncovered a bountiful treasure of GEMs on a recent excursion to the Leviathan's Lair. Now they are available to Gamescience® fans around the world.

These GEMs are a beautiful assortment of Gamescience® dice that for one reason or another were not worthy of the IF(flawless), VVS(very, very slight inclusions); could be because of a vacuum bubble, discoloration, speck of foreign matter(i.e. dust, particle of metal, different color material).  The good news for Gamescience® fans is that the dice still roll with randomness, still have precision sharp edges and have a beautiful GEM like look and best of all at well over half the price of the other GEMs.

Your Pirate's Treasure (which is over a pound of GEM dice) comes in a (plastic)Treasure Chest and includes 10 assorted factory seconds dice of the d3, d4, d5, d6, d8, d10, Tens d10, d12, d14, d16, d20 and d24. It is our hope that you enjoy this very large assortment of GEM dice and if purchased separately at retail price would cost over $360, but these factory seconds dice are yours for just $.70/each.

These are all GEM™ dice and each Treasure Chest includes 120 dice, 10 of each shape in the assorted GEM™ colors (Diamond, Ice, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Smoke, Topaz, Blue Opal, Permafrost, Fire, Laser Yellow, Laser Red and Green Glow).

These do differ from the Pound of Dice, as the Pound of Dice is not factory seconds but is a sampling of most Gamescience® dice products and colors.


To assure that every edge and vertex holds its mathematically precise dimensions, all Gamescience® dice are clipped by hand from the casting sprue, which leaves a minor blemish. These sharp pristine edges dissipate uniform amounts of energy as each contacts the table. Filing down the blemish improves randomization. Imported dice have no blemish cause they are tumbled in a rock polisher, which eliminates the blemish while rounding off all of the edges, and changes each face and edge into a unique shape which leaves every dice egg shaped and unable to randomize evenly.
4 Stars
Solid Set of Dice
I do a lot of d20 RPGs and I will usually have some friends without dice show up and have to borrow from myself or other friends. I felt this was perfect for those occasions. i just set this chest in the center of the table and let them pull out the dice they need for their rolls without having to touch someone else dice. The stories of cursed dice are true! Hahahaha. I will mentioned that my package arrived with a broken pirate chest container. This didn't ruin anything for me though. I received a healthy amount of d20's, d10's, d8's, d4's, etc of all sorts of gem colors and a few glow in the dark dice. I also received several strange dice like d24's and d16's. I felt there were a little more of those than I would like seeing as they aren't common in the least. I would have preferred more d20's and the like. You know, the dice that are used more often in almost all games. All in all I am satisfied with my purchase. These are definitely second hand dice as many had scratches and random specks of foreign matter mixed in. However, that is perfectly fine with me. Everything mentioned was stated in the description and I knew what I was buying. Even though these are second hand dice they are beautiful and extremely light. They roll well and have a nice stop to them due to their nice even and flat sides. When I opened the container my wife saw the chest of dice and just let out a " Wow... They look amazing!" Safe to say it looks like this coming weekend will see some dice being thrown and we couldn't be happier. I will say I wish they weren't as expensive. This felt way overpriced and wish the price would come down by at least $25. Even with all that said I can't say i am upset or feel bad about the purchase. I really like my dice. Thanks Gamescience.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Laredo,TX. on 2/22/2018
5 Stars
Simply beautiful. I received a huge amount of dice, all in extraordinary colors. The sets are just as the product describes them, and it's really exciting to open the box and see them gleaming together. I received a good amount of those that glow in the dark and of a beautiful turquoise. I want to use them !!! Is the best option to buy, in case thai you look for a pound of beautiful dice and a good price, and without any unpleasant surprises as to the usefulness of what they are sent.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 6/7/2017

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