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PRO-Matte Eclipse Pink Standard Deck Protector sleeves 80ct

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DP: PRO-Matte: Eclipse: PK (80)
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The Eclipse PRO-Matte Deck Protector sleeves completely hides card backs with an added layer of opaque black material. As a part of the PRO-Matte line, the Eclipse sleeves uses matte clear material to show the card face while minimizing glare and offering a unique, smooth and professional shuffling experience. Each pack comes with 80 sleeves.
  • PRO-Matte Eclipse Pink Deck Protector sleeves in an 80-count pack
  • Sized to fit standard (Magic) size gaming cards
  • Inner black layer makes the colored sleeve back completely opaque
  • Matte clear front minimizes glare for easy reading and better on-camera presentation
  • Archival-safe, polypropylene materials with unique formulation providing a smooth, professional shuffle