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Fly-By Knights™ 2nd Edition TWERPS™ Campaign Book #2

Fly-By Knights™ 2nd Edition TWERPS™ Campaign Book #2

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FLY-BY KNIGHTS™ 2nd Edition (GMS 10458)

FLY-BY KNIGHTS™ is the TWERPS™ role-playing supplement for aerial adventures on semi-barbaric world of Arkosa. Here you can ride atop your fierce and loyal winged mount to do battle in the skies above teeming jungles and towering castles. Or stalk by night the fearsome Meganoceros under the light of 3 amber moons! For the best, the prize is Knighthood and a life of endless excitement! The expanded 2nd Edition contains even more character professions, equipment, NPCs, strange creatures, new maps and new adventure material. (TWERPS™ Basic required.)

Each TWERPS™ adventure includes a Microhedra™ color varies.

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