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D3 - Diamond Factory Seconds Three sided die - Plain
Factory Seconds Diamond d3

D3 - Diamond Factory Seconds Three sided die - Plain

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Gamescience® 3 Sided Die - Factory Second

3 sided die™(numbered 1-3)

A Factory Second Gamescience® die for one reason or another is not worthy of the IF(flawless), VVS(very, very slight inclusions); could be because of a vacuum bubble, discoloration, speck of foreign matter(i.e. dust, particle of metal, different color material).  The good news for Gamescience® fans is that the dice still roll with randomness, still have precision sharp edges and have a beautiful GEM like look and best of all at half the price of the other GEMs.

The exciting 3 sided die is numbered on its tips, and has the letters R, P, S on its flattest sides, for ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS. The D-3 is ideal for simulating unarmed combat, or combat with a small person. 

Sold Individually, also available hand inked for an additional charge.

Factory seconds are sold without warranty.

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