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Color Burst™ Polyhedral 12 Piece Set
Colors will vary.

Color Burst™ Polyhedral 12 Piece Set

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Your Gamescience™ Color Burst 12 Piece Set is selected from various batches of GEM runs. It is our hope that you find them to be a very colorful random assortment of Gamescience® GEM™ Dice.

 No other manufacturer of dice dares to match our 2-year guarantee against premature wear! These Color Burst 12 piece set includes one each of the patented Gamescience® d3, d5, d14, d16 and d24 along with the standard 7 piece shapes d4, d6, d8, d10, Deckaider™ d10, d12, and true d20. Available inked as well in options that provide contrast to the dice per our ink contractors preference.  The colors may vary from what is pictured.

 Colors will vary, if ordering inked we will select ink colors to best contrast with the dice that are in the set.

To assure that every edge and vertex holds its mathematically precise dimensions, all Gamescience® dice are clipped by hand from the casting sprue, which leaves a minor blemish. These sharp pristine edges dissipate uniform amounts of energy as each contacts the table. Filing down the blemish improves randomization. Imported dice have no blemish cause they are tumbled in a rock polisher, which eliminates the blemish while rounding off all of the edges, and changes each face and edge into a unique shape which leaves every dice egg shaped and unable to randomize evenly.

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