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Package CHESS =IZER™


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Chess Equalizer
Part Number: GMS10707
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The revolutionary die, the CHESS =IZER™ - - say "Chess Equalizer" - - is designed to add many hours of additional challenge and fun to your chess games by adding the element of chance. The CHESS =IZER™ is a 10-sided die with each face imprinted with the playing piece that you move after the die has been rolled.  King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, and Knight are each on one face of the die, while 4 faces are Pawns, The tenth side is marked with the INFINITY symbol (8), meaning regular chess rules apply when rolled.  And these designs are cast in the die, not screened onto the surface - - they won't wear off! Made of the same quality High Impact™ materials as standard GAMESCIENCE® High Impact™ Precision Edged™ polyhedral dice, and guaranteed for 2 years' normal wear. Sold in pairs, with 1 Red and 1 White CHESS =IZER™ per set, along with rules for 8 different variations you could play using these dice - - you'll think of more yourself to liven up your matches!

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