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Alien Uprising

Alien Uprising

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Alien Uprising


Tensions have been high with the alien `bug` races of the galaxy - the Zothren - and your ship has crash landed on the planet Hive IV, one of the more renegade `bug` planets. Setting up a perimeter, you survey the surrounding terrain for debris from your ship, only to find it scattered everywhere. Then you see them - Zothren scouts, archers, slashers, and even the monstrous brutes. This is more than a scouting party - this is a war party! An SOS has been sent and a ship in the sector has responded, but can it get to you before the `bugs` overwhelm your crew? It`s all in the hands of the crew - your hands! Alien Uprising is a cooperative game in which players direct 3-5 Crewmen of a crashed Lennox-Class starship through a desperate battle with the enraged Zothrens.

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