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A Call to Arms! Damage Die Berserker
Call to Arms! Berserker, Pictured to show all faces. (Sold Individually)

A Call to Arms! Damage Die Berserker

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The Call to Arms d6 damage die features symbols instead of pips to track the numerical result. The designs allow for easy use as a d2, d3 or d6. There are 3 different patterns for the set:

Berserker (skull & axes w/skull power symbol)
Kingmaker (shield & swords w/crown power symbol)
Oathsworn (helm & maces w/clenched fist as power symbol)

These will make a great addition to your collection!

Item: Call to Arms Damage Die
Quantity: 1
Size: 16mm
Design Type: relief (not screenprinted)
Material: molded plastic
Colors: white

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