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40K: SW: Venerable Dreadnought

40K: SW: Venerable Dreadnought

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Standing three times the height of a man, these towering war machines bear powerful weapons and are as lethal at range as in close assault. A chapter's Dreadnoughts are treasured relics, only awoken in great need. Encased inside every Dreadnought lies a mighty Space Marine hero, who has suffered grievous wounds in battle, saved only by his internment. Venerable Dreadnoughts bring their wisdom to the Chapter in times of peace, and immense battlefield experience in times of war. 

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Venerable Dreadnought. This 84-piece set includes: a plasma cannon, an assault cannon, lascannon, a heavy flamer, a storm bolter, two different power fists including an ornate one, and a set of smoke launchers. Also included are: two different sets of ornate leg guards, three different helmets, six purity seals, two different pennants, a range of different sarcophagus armour plates, several sarcophagus designs, and a host of Crux Terminatus and other Imperial icons.

A fantastic new Space Wolves multipart plastic kit that makes either a Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought, Bjorn the Fell-Handed or Murderfang (a new special Character, a Wolfen in a Dreadnought)!

Each Miniature has masses of details, Space Wolves iconography and a range of weapons!

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