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“Rose” Halfsies Dice

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7-setCube: Halfsies: Rose (7)
Part Number: GKG512
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“Rose” Halfsies Dice

These polyhedral gaming dice contain the color scheme:
Rose Petal Pink & Thorn Green w/ Pollen-Gold Numbers.

  • 7-Die Sets – Contains a d4, d6, d8, d10, d% (00), d12 and a d20.  Comes in our extra-durable plastic case including a set-specific full color, two-sided, collectible insert.

Halfsies Dice feature a unique half-&-half color arrangement, a semi-translucent nature, a pearlescent swirl within each color, and a smooth blend where the two colors meet. Made of high-impact resin, each die has the highest and lowest numbers centered on the color half.

These dice participated in the Halfsies Dice World Tour!
A worldwide photography tour of dice, in the name of unity through gaming.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Gate Keeper Games offers free replacement parts for most products. If a die was lost in shipping (set incomplete on arrival), please contact us directly and we’ll send you the missing die for free. No returns necessary.

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